German Embassy: “El Salvador wants to hear a variety of brilliant voices from around the world”

In a statement, the German embassy called on the government and the legislature to respect the constitution of the republic and to guarantee the separation of powers.

The Embassy of the Republic of Germany in El Salvador released a press release on May 1 about the events that took place in the country when the ruling party representatives in the legislature attacked the Supreme Court (CSJ) in the Constitution Room.

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Faced with the situation, German Foreign Minister Niels Annan expressed his dissatisfaction with what had happened in El Salvador since May 2, at the same time he called on the government and the government to respect the Constitution of the Republic and the legislature that guarantees power.

The statement, acknowledged by German Ambassador to San Salvador Dr. Peter Voste, acknowledges German diplomatic representation and is part of an EU (EU) statement issued at a meeting between diplomatic forces. And Salvador leader Naib Bukele aired on the National Network on Tuesday, May 3rd.

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At the meeting, Andrew Pasols, the country’s ambassador to the European Union, confirmed that the removal of the constitutional chamber of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s judges “undermines the rule of law and the separation of powers.” “The independence of the judiciary must be protected in order to preserve the strong democratic tradition in El Salvador,” he added.

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Similarly, in that statement, Ambassador Voste says that El Salvador should hear “a variety of brilliant voices coming from all over the world.”

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