Two Air France pilots were suspended for fighting inside the cabin

Paris – Two pilots Air France He was suspended after a physical altercation in the cabin of a flight from Geneva to Paris in June, an airline official said on Sunday.

The plane landed safely.Added evidence emphasizing the airline’s commitment to safety.

Swiss newspaper La Tribune reported that the pilot and co-pilot got into an argument shortly after takeoff and briefly grabbed one by the collar after punching each other.

Cabin attendants intervened and a crew member secured the remainder of the flight in the cockpit with the pilots, the report said.

The news comes after the French aeronautical research agency BEA released a statement on Wednesday Some Air France pilots reportedly disobeyed rules during safety incidents.

The report focused on a fuel leak on an Air France flight from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo to Paris in December 2020. The pilots diverted the plane, but the power to the turbine or the landing gear was not lost soon enough. Rules. The plane landed in Chad without incident, but the BEA report warned of a possible fire.

He cited three similar cases between 2017 and 2022 in which pilots, he said, acted on their own analysis rather than following established protocols.

Air France announced that an audit would be carried out as a result of the report. He promised to follow BEA recommendations, such as allowing pilots to read their airplanes and rewriting instruction manuals to clarify mandatory rules.

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