Trump Exits, Biden Enter | “Shades of Trumpism will haunt President Biden’s mandate.”

I don’t believe in going back to the Obama era

Valentin Naomasco: Of course, there will be fundamental changes. There are very high expectations about the new Biden administration. Better induction to one Moderate optimism Because not all things can change at once on a grand scale. I don’t think a return to the Obama era will be possible. To be sure, the new American president will make many changes. Some are predictable. These are the ones announced in the early days of the term. On the one hand, the domestic political context in the United States will limit the room for maneuver.

Reporter: However, the Democrats control or will control both houses and they also have the president, professor. A more appropriate context than this could not be …

VN: The Senate will be controlled, in theory, by Gold vote Which could be introduced by the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, as president of the Senate. But it’s very rare for a vice president to come into the Senate and vote. Typically, the other 100 senators serve in Congress. But, of course, if there is such a frontier situation, from 50 to 50, then we can say that the Democrats have a majority in this room as well. Last but not least, let’s not forget that next year in November they will be Midterm elections, “Midterm elections.” Democrats will have to be very careful in everything that happens in the US economy, with social life because, including the November 3 election, the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has been reduced by 11 seats. The political situation is still fairly balanced. I said that on another occasion, unfortunately. The specter of exaggeration will haunt the Biden term.

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Biden’s coronation, similar to the liberal revival?

MP: Could Joe Biden’s replacement of Donald Trump be a signal to the whole world in order to return to a more decent policy, one way or another to remove populism? It has included many European countries in recent years. For example, Poland, Hungary and even Romania to some extent, if we look at the previous government and the extent of its criticism at the level of the European Union for certain decisions, especially those related to justice.

VN: Undoubtedly a positive sign, a strong political signal towards support or re-entrenchment of values Liberal democracies. On the other hand, I could not foresee the disappearance of the non-liberal, nationalist, protectionist, anti-globalization and sovereign political current. These ideas will continue to operate in the Euro-Atlantic political space. Both are in the United States, where it is still very powerful. But also in the European Union. Threats persist. We see very well what happens Russian Federation. We see the increasingly harsh dialects in the regime’s politics of Beijing.

MP: Do we expect an improvement in the US relationship with Romania?

VN: The relationship of the United States with Romania has not been bad at all in the past four years, on the contrary. As we know, with regard to the dimension of foreign policy, security and the enhanced strategic partnership between Romania and the United States, All went well And there were achievements. An additional advantage for Romania, this view is precisely in the strengthening of transatlantic relations, the consolidation of NATO, and even the possibility of working on a new strategic concept for NATO in the coming years. These things were impossible during or in the case of Trump’s second term. Not necessarily directly from the standpoint of the bilateral relationship between Washington and Bucharest, which was very good, however From the perspective of the relations between the United States and the European Union and the confidence between the allies in NATO, I think that Romania is gaining from the fact that the Western political system is being strengthened, Collaborates with the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House.

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