Prince Harry returns home alone. What will Queen Elizabeth do to avenge him?

A new scandal in the royal family of Great Britain ?! Prince Harry returns home without Megan or Archie. The former Duke of Sussex seems to have some explanations to give to Queen Elizabeth.

Harry was the reason for returning home alone

Staff at the Royal House of Great Britain are preparing for the arrival of Prince Harry. According to sources close to them, Fragmore Cottage was ordered to be ready by the time he arrived. It appears that Prince William’s brother recently sent $ 4 2.4 million to renovate the house he wanted to live in with his new family.

“The Windsor staff has been ordered by the Lord to prepare everything for Prince Harry to come to his former home. They were told they could come in a few weeks, but Megan was not mentioned,” the sources said. The sun.

Although he had previously announced that he would reside at Palmoral Castle in Scotland until next year, Queen Elizabeth II changed her mind. The 94-year-old British monarch has returned to Windsor, where people in the palace say he was not happy that his son-in-law “went beyond all limits” when he spoke publicly about American political issues.

In particular, Harry and Megan urged U.S. citizens on a television program to go to the polls on November 3 to elect a new president. They pointed out that Trump should no longer hold this position.

“I can not vote in this election in the United States, but many of you can. As we approach November, it is important that we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity,” Harry said of Trump.

In fact, this may be the reason why Prince is coming to Britain in the future.

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Prince Harry returns home alone. What will Queen Elizabeth do to avenge him?

Million 150 million deal with Netflix

“The Queen has a lot to talk about with Harry. Her statements about Trump and her visa status in the states are only two topics. Even if she had to be alone for two weeks on her own, the property would be big enough to cause no problems,” say relatives of the royal family.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle of Great Britain signed a multi-year deal with Netflix streaming platform in early September for which they will produce several TV shows. They get $ 150 million for children’s shows or reality shows.

“We focus on creating informative content, but also provide confidence. As young parents, creating programs that promote the whole family is an important issue,” the Indigenous couple said in a statement.

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