Jomfir Dumitres, former president of the Association of Best Artists, has died at the age of 74

-2 Painter Zamfir Dumitrescu, President of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania from 2002-2007, Ph.D., former Vice-Chancellor of the Romanian Parliament in the 2004-2008 Legislative Assembly, enters the Immortal Galaxy today, February 6, 2021. The painter Zamfir Dumitresku is one of the hallmarks of Perspective Science, a renowned plastic artist with a great national and international life, known and recognized as the great student of Master Cornelius Baba, ”the UAP delegation wrote on its Facebook page. .

According to the post, Jomfir Dumitresku was a member of the International Guild of Realism in the United States, and won several international awards from the Italian association Calfour Art, AIAPP, including the Gold Medal for painting at the 3rd Official Art Center in Karachi. Brazil. In addition, his work, Ars Perfective, won a Romanian Academy Award in 2002.

“As president of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania, Jomfir Dumitres supported the contemporary art event and created numerous management projects. He is a graduate of the School of Arts and Crafts. <டிமிட்ரி பேசியூரியா> Founded, and as a subsidiary he initiated several laws. The most important of these is Act No. 8/2006, Compensation for Retired Artists, members of legally constituted creators’ associations, and unions recognized as legal entities of public use, ”UAP representatives said.

In 2002, for full action, the President of Romania awarded him the National Order of “For Merit” in the Knighthood.

Jomfir Dumitresku – Autumn yellow

Jomfir Dumitresku – black tea

Jomfir Dumitresku – glass of water

More paintings ….

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