Tropical Storm Warning for Florida Keys

Vehicles circling under heavy rain as tropical storm Fred passes through Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on August 11, 2021 (Photo: EFE)

The National Hurricane Center Given a Tropical Storm Warning for Florida Keys and Bonita Beach State West Coast, 20 miles south of Fort Myers. Although there is still uncertainty about the intensity of the storm and the exact path, weather officials are optimistic It does not reach the hurricane type.

When the storm passed Cuba And this Bahamas Downgraded to Tropical stress, But it is expected to regain strength as it approaches Florida.

Fred’s effects are already felt in the south of the state, which could produce intense rainfall Flood. A tropical storm is expected across the South Florida Peninsula tomorrow, Saturday, and will continue through Sunday night.

The worst flooding in South Florida is expected between Friday night and Saturday night. Over the weekend, the National Hurricane Center expects winds of 62 to 91 kilometers per hour, with tropical storms intensifying.

To this day, Fred remains the most unorganized organization generating heavy rainfall in Cuba and the Bahamas. It is expected that once you cross these islands and return to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, the system will be better organized, gaining intensity and changing once again. Tropical storm.

At this time it is moving in a west-northwesterly direction, at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour. When the Florida Keys pass or pass tomorrow, The forecast says that the wind will blow at a speed of 72 kilometers per hour.

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Although different models Most of them indicate that the west coast of Florida will be most affected. Early next week, the system could gain strength by entering the Gulf of Mexico before reaching the northwestern part of the Florida Peninsula, which is likely to affect other southern states such as Alabama and Georgia.

In Miami Date, Forward and Keys Three to seven inches of rain is expected from today. Bad weather lasts all weekends and even Mondays. 10 inches of rain can be seen in some isolated areas.

It can create Floods in low-lying urban areas and adverse conditions at sea, With currents on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Although this is not a system that endangers the people of Florida, Local authorities activated emergency systems.

City Miami A team is ready to help in the flooded areas, and there are small water extraction pumps to distribute throughout the city. Residents are being asked to be vigilant and avoid wandering the streets due to heavy rain.

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