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Democrats have control of the Senate at their fingertips. With Arizona already having 49 senators, they made a crucial leap in Nevada this Friday night, with Catherine Cortez Masto suddenly neutralizing any advantage Republican Adam Laxalt had. If Democrats win Nevada, they won’t have to wait until the Georgia runoff to retain control of the Senate.

Laxalt had a one-point advantage over Cortez Masto. Processing of postal votes has started And, as expected, they favor the Democratic Party. After the data was released this Friday, parity was the highest, 48.5% to 48.4%. Republicans still lead with 459,494 votes, but Democrats already have 458,696, a margin of just 800 votes.

Most mail-in ballots have confirmed Democrats’ wins in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, and in the state of Nevada. In face-to-face voting, Cortez Masto won the district by a margin of 51%-46%, but in a mail-in vote count released this Friday, his advantage was 63% to 33%. .

In general, Democratic voters prefer to vote by mail more than Republicans. There are still 68,000 ballots to be processed that require voting by mail. 51% is enough for the Democrats to declare themselves the winner. Experts now see it as highly possible, but until the votes are counted, any conclusions are premature.

Nevada was seen as the Democratic Party’s weak link. That’s why it’s so important to Joe Biden’s party won a senatorial seat from Pennsylvania, What he accomplished was the leftist John Fetterman’s victory against Mehmet Oz, the famous TV doctor known as Dr. Oz. The American press reported that Donald Trump is very angry with his wife Melania Trump for recommending him, but the former president has denied it. Oz won the Republican primary by a narrow margin thanks to Trump’s support, knocking out a likely candidate from the race on Nov. 8, but didn’t buy the hoax that Trump was robbed of the 2020 election. Dr. Oz himself backtracked on the lie, saying Trump was “his fault.”

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In Arizona, polls show Democrats as favorites, but by a narrow margin, combined with slow numbers. The suspense is heightened. Hundreds of thousands of votes remain to be counted in the state, and counting could stretch into next week, but Democrat Mark Kelly’s advantage is already insurmountable. He has 51.8% of the vote, 5.7 points (about 124,000 votes) ahead of the Republican plague masters, another controversial candidate promoted by Donald Trump who has defied expectations in these elections. True to Trumpism, after seeing the vote turn his back on him, Masters devoted himself to sowing doubts about the purity of the process without any basis in an interview on the conservative Fox network.

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If Democrats can sign up those two senators, they’ll reach the magic number of 50, half of the 100 senators. That’s enough for Joe Biden’s party, because in the event of a tie in the polls, the tie is broken by Vice President Kamala Harris.

With 50 senators, Georgia’s runoff will lose significance with no candidate passing 50%. Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker will meet again on the Dec. 6 ballot, but without the expected drama. However, that seat will still be important. A Senator Biden than he has ever been will not only be among the small group of presidents who have been able to improve his results in the upper house in the midterm elections, but also give him a comfortable majority that he can buy. Among the votes he wants to remove himself from the panel is to drop the votes of his most vulnerable senator, Joe Manchin.

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From the beginning, everything was pointed out Who won two of the three major states (Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia) will keep control of the Senate, and that looks confirmed. If Trump’s prediction of a “giant red tide” comes true, Democrats in New Hampshire and Arizona, with Republican hues, have not.

Retaining a majority in the House of Representatives looks complicated for Democrats, but it’s still not impossible four days after the vote, which is already a feat. Most notably, George W. The best results in midterm elections have been secured since 2002 with Bush.

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