They made me Televisa to remove the Perro Bermúdez Mediotiempo selection

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Enrique BermudezReady to narrate his last story World CupIt would be the twelfth in his long career.

However, it wasn’t all dog-happy during the podcast ‘Correspondents of the Three’ He recalled the shadowy moment when, along with Miguel Kurwitz and other reporters, he assured them they had grilled him to remove them from coverage of the Mexican National Team on Televisa.

“They made me a phase, you know, they made me a phase. After all, they wanted to remove me from the national team, they couldn’t, they couldn’t. I could be the best or the worst. The public decides that, but I have something, that’s Makes me stand out a bit, I’m different, I have a different stamp than others,” said the popular commentator.

People asked for it

Even though he was pitching for a chain in America, people kept asking for it Bermuda dog Back to Tri’s narration on TV, something happened. However, Enrique announced months ago that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar would be his last.

When will the world cup start?

Next Sunday, November 20, the Qatar 2022 kick-off whistleThis is the last thing Enrique ‘Perro’ Bermudez can describe, which gives him an extra ingredient for the exhibition.

  • Ceremony: 09:00 am
  • Kick-off: 10:00 am (Qatar-Ecuador)
  • Transfer: Los Estrellas, Channel 7, Vics and Sky Sports

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