Carlos Antonio Welles talks about Colombia’s defeat to Peru: he asked an exorcist | Choice of Colombia

Not even Louis Diaz, one of the men Choice of Colombia He usually receives praise and avoids harsh criticism for the match in Barranquilla. The tricolor lost documents against Peru and missed important points that complicated qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar.

‘Lucho’, who has been linked with a move to the new Premier League, has been linked with a move away from Liverpool. Carlos Antonio Welles used his analysis of Vin Sports’ Planetta Football to demand the presence of Diofillo Gutierrez in the national team.

“Someone starts the game by looking for explanations. Some say the scoring options were not created, others say there is no continuity, others say there is no offensive sound or we’re doing it again and again, we need more of the ball or they have to do it. Call James, we did it all today, We lost, we added 30 attacking options throughout the game, Kallis took it out, there was almost a own goal.They did not even take a shot on goal, I tried to find the most basic error in Ospina’s error and I found it: he was cold because they did not reach him. The goal is his, but we’re not going to behead him. “

And he added: “I propose what else to do. How many people do you need to score a goal? It’s incredible, today we took the ball with almost 70% possession. “It’s unbelievable, he’s on top of a goal he scored in Porto today. I was thinking about Liverpool today, it’s not his fault, it’s very normal. He interfered. A little bit in the game.”

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Finally, VĂ©lez pointed out Choice of Colombia He needs a player like Theo. “I can not find any explanation for football. We urgently need an exorcist, shaman or something like that because we are praying. Whether we score, play well, play badly, or not with James, or James. It is noteworthy that today it is important to note once again that a player like Theo is needed to deal with those actions of the opponents. No one has said anything to the referee.

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