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Ismail Rescalvo, Emelek’s DT, presented his record in the losing final against the Independente del Valle.

Ismail Rescalvo, Spanish, Technical Director, Club Sport EmelecStressed that they are expecting this Monday night Second leg suspended against Ecuadorian Professional League (LigaPro) Independente del Valle Due to the poor condition of the playground, the city of Guayaquil was hit by heavy rain and did not stop until the next afternoon. Competition on the field George Capwell One goal ended in a draw, but a 3-1 victory in the first leg gave Sangolki a 4-2 first national title.

We expected LigaPro to stop it. Because we (teams) have to decide whether there is a referee and whether there is a league, regardless of whether we want to play or not.. The next day was the semi-final of Colombian football (between USA de Gaulle and Deportes Dolima) and, at a stadium in perfect condition, very little rain fell, and the league match was suspended and played the next day. This is not the end of the clubs, the league intervened directly, “Rescalvo said.

The Iberian coach analyzed the situation in the first leg final, in which he believes the match will go on normally despite the rain.

“Some decisions can be made from the second leg. The first leg match situation was against us. In the first leg, although the pitch was wet and damp, it was a bit difficult to spin the ball, but in the last 20 minutes the pitch was very waterlogged and I was able to play,” the strategist explained. Conversation with DirectTV.

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“Joவோo (Rojas) was injured and they were sent off by ‘Alejo’ (Alejandro Cabosa) and everything went uphill. The match was very conditional,” he added.

In Guayaquil, on the other hand, Emelek had to adapt to “other circumstances”, choosing to play directly and reach that place quickly, as it was impossible for both teams from production due to the poor condition of the pitch.

“From the beginning it was very complicated because the pitch was impossible and I was in no position to play in the final. As a result, Emelek’s adaptation was better than Independente’s because we dominated even when the mix could not be used. We had to adapt to other situations, such as trying to move fast from one area to another, creating set pieces, goals or duels near side centers, ”Rescalvo argued, lamenting that the penalty had failed at the end of the first half. By his criteria, he could change the outcome of the match.

TD Independente concluded that it was “well protected”, but warned that despite the “conditional” approach due to climatic factors, Emelek “has the potential to compete.” (D)

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