Top 5 Property Deals of Property Buyers

Buying property comes with a lot of benefits. They are considered as a saving for future by many people. Also, the value of a property might increase with time and hence it can also be considered as an investment. The property might be a house or land or a warehouse. If you wish to buy property in Singapore, then it will be a great investment since it is considered to have the most stable economy. The price usually skyrockets within years and you can enjoy the gains. In this article you will find many property deals in Singapore like Parc Greenwich project details and many others similar to it.

Property buyers usually go with condos and homes that will increase in their value over time. They are considered to be important asset because the owner can themselves live in it or rent it or sell it few years later.Whenever you want to buy a property, you must look at its location. For example, Parc Greenwich location is district 28 and hence a safe place to buy a condo. The next thing should be the state of the land or home. If you are going to buy it from sellers, then their reputation should be checked and look if they are genuine. Even if you are a foreigner, you can still buy property in Singapore as an investment. Most of the property in Singapore are leasehold. This article will help you with finding the top five property deals if you are a property buyer.

  1. Parc Greenwich Property

Parc Greenwich property which is situated in the Fernvale Lane is located in District 28. This is the best choice if you want to buy an executive condominium in Singapore. Parc Greenwich project details can be found in their website and we have pointed out some of it here. This property is going to the home of 496 condo units and is developed by Frasers property.Frasers property is a global developer with years and years of experience. Frasers property has received many awards for its work. It is going to be sold for a tenure of 99 years.

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In comparison with other condos, this condo is affordable and has many benefits. If you are interested in buying Parc Greenwich balance units, know the facilities available to in it. As with any condo, you will enjoy your privacy and have access to gym, tennis courts and swimming pool. Also, there are hospitals, malls and other essential amenities nearby which makes parc Greenwich property the best choice to buy.

  1. The Ocean Front

The Ocean Front is one among the best property that has 264 condos in it. This is located at the Sentosa cave. The developer has done a lot of successful projects and is deemed genuine. The name of the developer is TC Development Pte Limited. Again the tenure is for 99 years and many facilities like jogging tack, Jacuzzi are available here. The security system is very efficient in Ocean Front. It is located at district 4 and MRT stations are there near this property. If you are looking for something to invest, then this is a great choice.


  1. Orchard Residences

A project of the infamous CapitaLand, Orchard Residences offer luxurious condos with attractive infrastructure. There are 52 floors and a total of 175 units in Orchard Residences. Orchard Boulevard in District 9 is the home to this expensive condo units. The residence has many amenities like sunken garden, meeting rooms, barbeque pavilions and many others. Many schools, hospitals, bus stops are also available near the area thus making it so easy to live.

  1. Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection

Developed by Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited, Luxus hills was completed in the year 2020. So it is pretty new property that has 39 units in it. The type of housing is terraced house. You can access four bus stops within five minutes from the property. It has won many awards for its architectural design and interior design. It is situated in District 28 and provides multi-generational living homes. There are many shopping malls, schools and other dining areas near Luxus Hills.

  1. Parc Riviera

El Development Pte Ltd completed this condominium type Parc Riviera project in the year 2020. This is also a relatively new condo project that comes for a 99 year leasehold. It is located in West Coast Vale and is pretty accessible. The Clementi MRT is near the property which can be reached within 21 minutes. The spacious apartments find their home in district 5. There are 752 units in total. It is really chic and modern in its infrastructure. Many attractive amenities like gymnasium, tennis court and function room are available at Parc Riviera. Also, hospitals, schools and markets are situated close to the property.

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