Spaces for life, a priority of the Ospina government

The mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, made an account of the projects that the District Government develops to give more public space to the people of Cali.

According to the president, “one of the main tasks we have at the beginning of the 21st century is to provide spaces for future generations for biodiversity, the environment, technology, recreation, sports and contemplation.”

“In that order of ideas, we have been acquiring lots for the great Ecopark Corazón de Pance, adjacent to the Parque de la Salud, which begins at the ‘Curva del bofe’. There we are buying land to create a space of 90 hectares, which will constitute one of the largest urban parks in Colombia ”.

Another piece of land that was acquired was ‘La Morelia’, where the tourist corridor to Cristo Rey will take place. “It is a scenic, environmental and sporting path that goes from the area behind the Hospital Universitario del Valle, next to the San Fernando de Univalle headquarters, to the monument to Christ the King,” explained Ospina.

The chief executive recalled that this week the deed was signed for the lot of the old Club San Fernando to pass into the hands of the city, in order to build the Club San Fernando Science and Technology Park.

“It is about two hectares that we acquired from the Special Assets Society, where we will redefine the space, betting on linking our young people to technology and science,” said Ospina.

The East Boulevard will be another of the public spaces that Cali will have: “it is a longitudinal park between the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón and Marroquín neighborhoods, in the Aguablanca District, it is a corridor one kilometer long and 60 meters wide” . This project is in designs and will be contracted at the end of 2021.

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Finally, Ospina made reference to the lot for the Pacific Park, which will be a center for the traditional cuisine of Valle del Cauca and the entire Pacific coast, located on the banks of the Cali River, at the height of the transport terminal, between the streets 26 and 34, project that is in designs.

“As you can see, we will deliver spaces for life,” said the president of Cali.

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