Who will be in ‘La Casa de los Formos’?

You are ready to open all the doors ‘Famous House’, New Reality show From Telemundo It will hit screens next Tuesday, August 24 at 7pm / 6C.

Hector Chandarthi And Jimina Gallagher They will be the hosts of ‘La Casa de los Famos’ where 16 celebrities will live under one roof, isolated from the outside world, revealing their lives 24 hours a day and ready to do anything to be crowned the winner of 200,000 dollars.

Chapter Viewers can learn more about the man behind these famous personalities.

Who are the confirmed celebrities?

International soap opera star, KP Spanish, Through his Instagram account he said he was very nervous and excited to participate in it Show, The first confirmed star.

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Christian de la Campa She is a model and actor in successful productions like ‘Diera de Rice’ and ‘Santa Diabla’. The public will discover unknown aspects of this heartbeat that have borne life experiences, which will certainly be featured in ‘La Casa de las Formos’.

Celia Lora, Approved Influence And daughter Alex Lora, El Tri, the famous leader of the Mexican rock band, has participated in many reality shows and is known as a woman without filters.

Uriel del Toro He is an actor, television presenter and musician who has established himself by starring in the brothers and Jose Hernandez Esparza’s telemundo series ‘Falsa Identified’.

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Stephanie ‘Tiffy’ Valencula A Influence Peru with more than 2.8 million Followers On social media. In addition, she is a singer, dancer and started modeling when she was four years old.

Christina Eustace She is a Mexican singer and businessman who became famous when she won the song ‘Objective Fama’. Today, she owns an array of beauty accessories.

Pablo Montero He is one of the greatest scholars of Mexican regional music, and he has successfully landed a role in well-known soap operas. More than 14 music albums and 20 melodramas support his career.

Roberto Romano He is a famous actor and Fitness trainer Participated in original Telemundo productions such as ‘El Senor de los Ciolos’ and ‘Senora Acero’.

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Veronica Montes A talented actress, she has appeared in various soap operas and series such as ‘El Cenor de los Ciolos’, where she became famous for bringing the character of ‘La Condesa’ to life. Rafael Amaya.

Gisella Abumrat Popular Mexican actress and comedian ‘Corazon Valiente’, ‘Passion Prohibita’, ‘Sin Cenos Se Hai Paraso’ and more recent productions ‘The Luck of Lolly’, Where he gave life to the character of the Rocks.

Christian Estrada That’s one Influence, Participating model and former footballer True ‘The Bachelor’. The 32-year-old celebrity will enter ‘La Casa de los Famos’ at a special moment in his life as he goes on to father with his girlfriend Ferca.

Kimberly Flores She is a model, dancer and Coach From Exercise Originally from Guatemala. She is the wife of a Mexican singer Edwin Moon, Leader of the band Dragolos de Monterrey, he takes care of his little daughter, while Flores gives everything as a winner.

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Famous Peruvian actor George Aravena Soap opera has an extensive career in the world. Former champion Motocross Participated in more than 25 successful melodramas with such stars Sylvia Navarro And Fernando Colunga.

Daniel Vargas That’s one Influence And Colombian digital content creator, with more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. At just 25, this successful young man became famous for his comedy, dance and music videos. Lip synchronization And Dictok.

Anahi Isali Well known actress, model and Influence Originally from the port of Acapulco, Guerrero became famous after participating in the sixth season True ‘Agapulko shore ‘.

Kelvin Renteria Newly confirmed last popular Reality show Of Telemundo. ‘El Vagro’ competed in ‘Exotlon United States’ Season 3 and 5, on Monday 23rd August, we saw him face the boxer Jivier Syndron In the men’s final of the spectacular competition.

The 28-year-old bull rider and rugby player of Mexican descent took second place.Exatlón EE.UU. 5But, on Tuesday, August 24th, he will focus on a new adventure and he is ready to give it his all.

Now that you know the participants of ‘La Casa de los Formos’, you can not miss its premiere on Tuesday 24th August at 7pm / 6C Telemundo.

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