They support researchers who do sponsorship work Launch of the Ministry of Science and Technology

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation launched a financial support for researchers who Carrying out scientific, technological and responsible activities for children under the age of twelve with disabilities or the elderly, Paying special attention to women as they are the caregivers nine out of ten times.

Financial support that can come Up to 900,000 pesos for face-to-face scientific meetings and up to 300,000 pesos for virtual scientific meetingsis aimed at researchers who participate as speakers, speakers, commentators, poster presenters, panelists, presenters, moderators, coordinators, rapporteurs or other equivalent role in short-term scientific meetings.

“It gives me great pleasure to launch this project, it is another step in this race for equality. It is not a standard for women but rather the defense of men’s right to the task of care. It is about taking steps towards equality,” reassured the bag owner, Daniel Filmosby offering this tool designed to improve the conditions for the development of academic careers of people from the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI).

The benefit seeks to mitigate inequalities caused by the unequal distribution of domestic work, which has historically fallen in greater proportion to women, pregnant women and feminine identities, reducing the time available to devote to their professional development. “There is no science and there is no society without the scientists of our country, and this tool is especially important for the heroes of our science, who are organized in scientific meetings, which is a very important space for symbolic conflict, a power struggle, and that is why it seems to me that this tool is the key,” the head of the agency stressed. R+D+i, Fernando Pierano.

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In providing support for Conicet’s new chief, Anna Franchi, emphasizing that “this is the opportunity, once again, to bring to light this situation which mainly affects women, the caretakers and these times affect their research work”. “Participation in conferences and science and technology activities should have gender parity, and this is something the council applies in different areas, for example, arbitration panels and evaluation committees, among others,” he said.

Financial support consists of a stipend up to each scientific meeting, the maximum amount of which will depend on the type of meeting. Support includes expenses related to sponsorship assignments for a maximum of four days per scientific meeting.

researcher Dora Barrancos He noted that this new economic tool stems from “changing times when the feminist and diversity movements amplified” and urged “the integration of the academic system and the joining of universities.”

According to data from the National Program for Gender Equality in Science, Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, in 2022Women hold only 31% of management positions in science and technology institutions, despite the fact that they make up the majority in research positions (59.5%).

The Undersecretary said, “There is always talk about the percentage of women reaching hierarchical positions in organizations or institutions, and that is why it is important to address the problems that people face from the beginning of their academic lives because it is a structural problem.” Ministry Institutional Evaluation, Gabriela Dranovsky.

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