Sarah Cohen: 4 fitted dresses with transparency that defy censorship

Sarah Cohen Showing the most chic and daring outfits can’t be stopped on social networks Challenge audit. On his official account instagramA model known for being a wife in Mexico Javier “Chicharito” HernandezVery active and constantly sharing her best looks Clothing fitted with transparency This has created quite a stir in the last few days.

The Australian has two children with the Mexican footballer. Noah and NalaAnd although she was away from the networks for a few months, she is now very active and has once again shared her best looks with her followers on the popular meta platform. As she is confirmed as one of the most beautiful women on stage, they never miss an opportunity to leave her flattering messages..

Sarah Cohen loves revealing clothes

The model has always been characterized by her modern and revealing outfits, but in recent days she has pushed herself into style by sharing with her 1.4 million followers. instagram Photographs that teach fashion to women in their 20s and 30s, young mothers and those who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Sarah won the networks with her looks and beauty. Photo: IG @sarahkohan

Sara It is possible to add thousands of “likes” and dozens of flattering comments in English and Spanish, as the model has won many Mexican fans for her relationship with Javier Hernandez, who in recent days has led to talk about not being invited to the Mexican National. team to play in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and he finally divorced her after strong rumors that they had separated.

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In the photos that caused a stir among her followers, the footballer’s ex-partner flaunts style with her clothes, as they are made of fabrics and pieces that attract attention. TransparencyIt also suits a slim and stylish silhouette perfectly CohenWHO Challenge audit And restrictions on a popular site are dangerous Clothes.

The model imposes style on transparency. Photo: IG @sarahkohan

Although only a few months ago the Australian native caused alarm among her millions of fans due to her thin appearance, the model, who has collaborated with famous international companies such as Prada, no longer receives comments about it, but instead, compliments are showered on her clothes, as she has done with her in recent days. Transparent clothes.

The ex-wife of “Chicharito” has a great body. Photo: IG @sarahkohan

Sarah Cohen28 years old, married in 2019 Hernandez. The couple had two children, and after several separation rumors that began in December 2020, it was confirmed in 2021 that they were in the process of divorcing. In July last year, the media reported that the model sued her ex-partner.

According to TMZ Sports, the Australian has declared in documents submitted to a US court that the Mexican “does not participate in the day-to-day upbringing of his two children”.

Miss Australia has been crowned the queen of style. Photo: IG @sarahkohan

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