Will the former WWE Champion make a rude return to take down Roman Reigns at Survivor Series 2023? Analyzing feasibility

There have been many era-defining careers throughout WWE history, but few have come close to what Roman Reigns has accomplished in the last three years. Reigns has gone from eternally hated hero to admired villain since assuming the role of tribal leader.

During that three-year period, many tried to depose him in a quest to become his face WWEBut they failed. Names like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes… the list goes on.

Reigns has defeated each of them and given each competitor a ticket. Solo Chikova or uses Roman has always had the support of his family, and until now, he hasn’t had many credible challenges in WWE.

That may change after Tony Khan made an important announcement firing former WWE Champion CM Punk from AEW. Punk was fired after getting into an argument with AEW All-In Jake Perry backstage, which led to his exit Tony Khan It has no choice but to shoot its main star.

Losing AEW could be a gain for WWE as Triple H could do the unthinkable and bring back CM Punk, which would be the most talked about moment in recent WWE history.

CM Punk could finally defeat Roman Reigns at Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series Taking place at CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois is the Allstate Arena. That would be the perfect way to reintroduce him to the team and challenge Roman Reigns to an early match.

If Roman doesn’t have a credible challenger by then, Paul Heyman can come out and tell the WWE locker room that his client has no equal and that he now rules the entire WWE. WWE .

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That would bring Roman Reigns to the ring and in traditional fashion, the Chicago faithful should approve of him. He describes how easy things were for him when the lights went out and the “cult of personality” arrived. Total chaos ensues when CM Punk comes out, to the horror of Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman.

Punk He would then go and say that he was able to get a title shot from Roman and the match would be right then and there. With Roman unprepared, Punk catches him with a low blow and puts him down. When the bell rang, he would take the tribal leader to not one, not two, but three GTS and pin him to win the Undisputed Universal Title, which was sure to send shock waves throughout the entire wrestling world.

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