Hurricane Otis destroyed his savings and his home in Acapulco; Destructive images

He Category 5 hurricane Otis It is already categorized Very destructive to Acapulco. What should have been a tropical storm turned into a nightmare for Acapulquinos and tourists alike. Resist the force of nature as best you can.

Acapulco was left in ruins within hours Even more Popularity They were there too affected For this Natural disaster Like an actress Ingrid Martz. According to the soap opera’s villain, ‘Venture La Culpa’ He invested all his earnings in the Televisa project to decorate his property in Acapulco, and now he has nothing.

That is another case Letty Calderon. The actress used her social networks Show photos of their house in Acapulco completely destroyed.

“What you achieve with so much effort will disappear overnight” wrote next to Pictures left in his apartment.

You can see in the photos that the pool is completely covered. Shell and palm trees practically left the building.

This is what the pool area looked like / Instagram

Definitely The photos are mind-blowing They reveal only a small part of what is now true of Acapulco and its environs.

The actress was worried about the people who worked in the apartment building because most of the people in Acapulco were out of touch / Instagram.

Despite material losses, The actress said it was the people who were there that worried her the most: “What worries and hurts me the most are the people who worked there and their families,” he said.

And he concluded his message with a plea to God: ““All the people of Guerrero, God help us to get out of this misfortune soon.”

The building where Letty Calderon had her apartment / This is what Instagram looked like

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