Tony Costa falls in love with Evelyn Beltron and dedicates a soft song to him

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Tony Costa He fell in love with Evelyn Beltron and through her social networks she dedicated a sweet song to him.. The dancer falls in love more and more with his new girlfriend, and the Mexican fully enjoys all the love he gives her.

Despite the serious rumors the couple faced, they are committed to it Tony Costa betrayed his daughter’s mother with Evelyn Beltron, Both have been strong. Even over time they became closer than ever, showing their love for the four winds.

A few months after the Spaniard split, in late 2021 Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltron raised the rumor of love. Adamari Lopez. However, the couple went public about their relationship and posed together on social media for the first time in March 2022.

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Tony Costa reveals his most romantic side with Evelyn Beltron

Although the two express their time sensibly on social networks, the love they have for each other is felt from a distance. Through their official Instagram accounts, Tony and Evelyn have shared as many dates as their latest dates Walk in San Francisco.

This time Tony Costa picks up his stories and listens to Soraya’s song “How Beautiful” in the background to release the video he drives. The snippet he shared is as follows:What a beautiful sunrise every morning. How beautiful are the eyes of your hope. How nice it is to be with those who love you”, He tagged his girlfriend in the release.

Evelyn Beltron He did not ignore Tony Costa’s romantic gesture and shared the dedication in his Instagram stories. “Good morning,” he wrote with a heart as he awoke with the gentle commitment of his partner.

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