A disturbing sci-fi movie that lasts less than two hours and is pure adrenaline


Platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video have a large list of classic movies and series in their catalog that Internet users appreciate and watch frequently. Thus, in this enormous range of propositions there are some which caused a stir when first published, but which have lost part of their value with their arrival, and have disappeared, waiting to be reproduced.

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One of the genres with the most cinematographic shares and the most affection from the public is action and science fiction, because they not only invite the audience to discover new worlds that are not like their reality, but they often generate adrenaline with their powerful stories. and situations, which makes them more attractive.

Among the hidden Star Plus options that make up this category is a 2014 film belonging to a popular saga that will make you feel your heart in your mouth from start to finish. We're talking about Wes Paul's movie “Maze Runner: Run or Die,” based on the novels, starring Dylan O'Brien (“Teen Wolf”) and Thomas Brody-Sangster (“The Queen's Gambit,” “Nanny McPhee”). James Dashner's writing will keep you out of your chair for a second.

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