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For almost a year, Were In Mexico, reach Together they announce their wedding with a fancy ring.

However, in February 2022, the singer from Sinaloa revealed that he had ended his relationship on social media.Belly”, Though not It guided them Breaks.

After this, when Belinda went to Spain to participate, “”, Christian Nodal Staying in Mexico and Also, although he has been in a relationship with several women, he has not confirmed a new partner.

Belinda and Nodal are engaged (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)

Belinda in Nodal and Cassowary

Leaked a few days ago Social Websites A photo shows In addition he attended one of the various shows and was caught kissing.

about this, Belinda Upon his arrival in Mexico from Spain he consulted, where he executed registration dates.

I’m been reading Harry Potter books again and I love them. Did you read them?”, The former“ partners in salvage ”commented, skipping the question and advancing to avoid questions.

Similarly, “Beli” was consulted about returning to the country, where he met his parents several months after their separation. “Glad to be (in Mexico) and coming with my family who have not seen them in a long time. so happy“, He pointed out.

Who is CAZZU?

In recent days, it has been seen that the Argentine singer Kassu is associated with the Christian noodle, and they even walked together and starred in romantic scenes.

It should be noted that Nodalo or Kasuo did not mention their relationship and chose to communicate with their followers through their social networks. .

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