BBVA: So you can make cash withdrawals without a card; They do not charge a commission

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PBVA It has an active commission for using plastic cards at ATMs. One option to “avoid” the commission is to withdraw without a card, how to do this? Here we explain. You may also like: BBVA will close accounts that do not meet these two conditions in June 2024.

This tool is exclusive to BBVA's mobile application It consists of generating a QR code or a series of numbers for users to enter into an ATM. When you enter the information, the machine will dispense the specified amount as if it were a card transaction. The tutorial is as follows:

  • Enter the BBVA app Then choose “Cardless Withdrawal” located at the top.
  • Choose the amount and define what is understood of movement; This last point is optional.
  • The app will give you a QR code or a series of numbers Which you must enter at the ATM; You should not enter a personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of password.
  • cash withdraw.

Users BBVA has up to a week to withdraw funds monetary; If it is not shipped, the operation will be cancelled. This information may also be shared with a third party, in the event of some type of emergency.

One of the attractions of this choice is that It does not generate a commission, so it works to avoid ATM usage fees. The only restriction they reveal is that you cannot exceed the specified daily amount, which is set for 2024 9 thousand and 300 pesos.

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On the other hand, BBVA debit cards have the following restrictions on cash withdrawals: from zero to four, movements are completely free; From five to eight, there is one Commission 34 pesos; more than eight, 62 pesos. This fee is applied monthly if necessary.

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