Tokyo … and the increasingly far-flung goal scorer Jose Juan Magias from Europe

Jose Juan Magias As he drew attention with his determined performance and goals, he ‘began to be placed’ in all sorts of clubs, speculations that often come with every new talent in the MX League.

But some of his recent performances, some of which he has had, are far from striking, promising that he will be Sivas ’new standard, going to Europe to raise Mexico’s name.

Numbers destroy him. Magias lost the title to Sivas and the national team under the age of 24. As if that were not enough, the risk of being knocked out of the final list of the Olympic qualifiers carries the international showcase, fulfilling the desire to move to a European club that represents an outstanding performance in Tokyo.

Magias, who made his debut in the first division on July 22, 2017 at the age of 17, is the product of Sivas Quarry, but he has not yet shown the maturity needed to compete at the highest level.

So Sivas gave him to Lyon for Clausura 2019, where he did not take much time to respond and showed that he had the qualities of a scorer. He scored 16 goals in both seasons he played with Panzas Verdes. This forced Clausura to reinstate Sivas for 2020, but the epidemic forced him to cancel the match, with Magias seeming to oppose it more than any other player.

In Kart 1 Arms 2020, Magias played 15 games as a starter and scored five goals. In that match, when Sivas was knocked out by the USA in the quarterfinals, Magias did not play in the series due to injury, only playing in the semifinals, which was precisely what it looked like to Lyon, who would end up as champion.

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In the 2021 Guardians match, Magias played 15 games with Sivas, 12 of which he scored six goals as a starter, for a total of 1033 minutes. One goal will be averaged every 172 minutes, one for every two games. Sachs was knocked out by the Pacquiao in the playoffs, and Magias continued to be destroyed.



Yamay believes that the Sivas forward is far from its best version and will not be enough to reach Tokyo.

In general, the last match was very bad for Shivas, which did not exclude Magias from significantly reducing his size, although he was not lacking due to dedication and effort. That character has even earned him technical criticism, considering that he wears unnecessary clothing, and what he needs to take advantage of is his ability to score goals within that area.

Not far from Tokyo
For the pre-Olympic team, Magias was an interesting option for Jaime Lozano in the Tokyo 2020 ticketed tournament, but it was not a good showcase for the Sivas striker, who scored just one goal in the final against Honduras. Mexico then wins the penalty.

Lozano decided to invite him last time to a production tour of Spain, but again Magias was left on duty.



The Spicy Soccer Table is debating whether to reduce the size of the Guadalajara striker with the triangular team.

In the first game, Mexico beat Romania 1-0, Magias was the starter at the center of the attack, but it was empty. The game was determined by a good goal from Jesus Anglo.

Mexico’s second test in Marbella is against Saudi Arabia. But here in the 90th minute we got a strange signal from Jaime Lozano who sent Magias to the field. The game was won, but Magias could do nothing, and to his misfortune they ended up tying the tie in extra time.

This Saturday, Magias appeared again as a starter in the match against Australia, but continued with the green shirt when he was the teacher of the penalty, which cost him 0-1 against Tri Olympic. This is his only ‘contribution’ beyond a head he can’t solve in front of the goalkeeper. He was sent off at half-time and was replaced by Eduardo ‘Mudo’ Aguirre, who ended the match 3-2 for Mexico.

Magias is a long way from Tokyo. He acknowledged that they did not have much time to work towards Tokyo, adding that calls were not constant and that players were being replaced.

“As a team, we need time for work and understanding because there have been calls to replace some players,” he commented at a press conference.

Despite his bad numbers, he felt he had options to make the final list. “Personally, we are growing, the coaching staff has a lot of confidence in me, and I’re working to deliver my highest level of what should be called for the Olympics.”

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