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Denial of Kylian Mbabane To sign The real Madrid The former star is one of those who has consistently made headlines around the world and wondered Theory Henry.

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World champion Kylian also celebrates that he has not changed his mind and has dedicated himself PSG Until 2025. “It’s great for French football. I thought he’s going to go. I think he’s changed his mind. I do not know exactly what changed his mind.”

Then leave. “There must have been something deeper in the discussions. I saw some people calling him. Apparently, when the president (Macron) invited him to stay, it was crazy, “he explained in a statement collected by ‘Cole’.

Although many promise to be behind the decision Embape There is a million dollar offer PSG, Which will cover him with gold through his new contract, Henry believes there is something deeper. “He has the club, frankly, in his heart,” he says.

Theory HenryNow a commentator Ligu1Is also considered a continuation of Embape Inside France Good for football development in his country, can win titles Europe.

“If you lose someone like Kylian, PSG will be a little harder to beat someone. But luckily he stayed. […] In French football, the status of the national team is at an all-time high, but it’s essential for Kylian to rely on PSG, Paris and French football, “he says.

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