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Can you imagine leaving your home one day and meeting your favorite artist on the street? That experience was lived by a young woman who was surprised by Nick Jonas. Seeing that he was wearing a Jonas Brothers jersey he did not hesitate to say hello. That moment was recorded on video It is now highly viewed on social networks like this .

Nick was in charge of promoting the scene through his official account Dictoc (), Exactly on June 28 this year. In the post he posted, it was admirable that he was driving his vehicle when a woman suddenly stopped on a street watching a dog walk by.

“Hey! Fantastic shirt!”, The artist told the young woman because she was dressed as Jonas Brothers. The woman, realizing who she was, did not speak. He could not believe that one of his favorite singers was congratulating him.


Hey! Fantastic shirt! Janus Brothers

ஒலி Original Sound – Nick Jones

At that moment, the young woman asked if she could take a selfie with him. “Of course, come closer. What do you want?”, He responded to the woman who was very excited and nervous. “Your dog is so adorable”He added the famous singer and then smiled for the respective photo.

This viral video also shows Joe and Kevin getting into the car with their brother Nick. After a while the young woman called Marco. He spread the respective selby through his personal accounts Instagram () Y Dictoc ().

“Jonas Brothers said they like my shirt, oh my God.”, Place the woman as the description of the picture Instagram. “It was a very pleasant interaction and I am so grateful that they took the time to talk to me and let me take this photo.”, Held Dictoc. The experience of living that young woman has had an impact in Mexico, the United States and Spain.

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