Bella in yellow, Alexa Tellanos pushes in front of the camera

Beautiful American model Alexa Telanos Always wants to use different outfits than the one above The center of attention This time he was the one with it Style Color Yellow This created a great contrast to her beauty and her hair.

That’s right, that young woman shared a beautiful photo of herself Official Instagram In it, she can appreciate how actively she dedicates herself to looking at the camera. Entertainment Very beautiful and flute.

Fans Hi Myrka Dellanos They couldn’t believe how beautiful it was in that color because every day he uploads photos with that tonality, but he usually looks for other slightly different colors like black, orange, red.

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It is worth mentioning in addition to its attractions Publications Alexa is also determined to entertain us with her stories on Instagram, where she shares a little more about her personal life and behind the scenes of her career, so I was able to appreciate how she does her hard work. Photo shoots.

In this section there are some videos of her relaxing on the balcony at this moment, leaving the steam and showing a little of the beautiful view she has towards the sea, in addition to capturing her figure a little bit.

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He also shared some exercise videos with his tight sports outfit, allowing you to see how he keeps his figure healthy and firm.

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Finally, he released a video of himself going for a ride in the golf cart with his puppy, and one of his friends who is in charge of capturing the fun moment they spent together.

That young lady has finally surpassed more than 4 million followers and will share attractive photos, videos and stories that will surely continue to delight him and faithful fans. Instagram.

On the show news, we will continue to share Alexa Dellanos’ best so that we can continue to admire her as we did today, except that her true fans are still waiting to see her with her mother, and some consider them to be like sisters.

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