Today’s Horoscope, October 1, 2023, for all zodiac signs

It contains Today’s HoroscopeSunday, October 1You start the month the moon Tour Taurus Also, since it is an earth sign, it will give you emotional stability and calm thoughts so that you can plan your duties in this new cycle.

Aries Horoscope

The Moon moves through Taurus and increases your positive energy and desire to do things on a grand scale. You plan this with your finances; Above all, by being ready to study new companies and projects for investments.

Today you will think about it and act as you resume your tasks. This effect will increase your mental clarity and sense of peace.

Now you will recognize the good balance within you, and to maintain it, your walks in the parks or on the beach will make you feel connected to the universe.

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Taurus horoscope

The Moon moves into your sign today, adding to its energy and making you ready for the paths that open up this month. Through this influence you gain greater emotional stability and calmer thoughts.

In turn, these will empower you and ensure that responsibilities do not weigh you down as you have a strong current of very positive vibrations within your body.

Also, with this lunar movement, your mood will be stable and you will be able to experience moments of happiness and well-being with your closest relationships. Keep these moments in your heart.

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Gemini horoscope

The vibe and emotion of this week’s Full Moon is still with you. This accumulation of feelings excites you and, at the same time, forces you to open your mind to new projects, which are very challenging and require your full attention.

To accomplish them effectively, you decide to recharge all your energies by enjoying social gatherings where you can have fun and release tension. As you celebrate and celebrate life you will feel your love expand to the universe and it will return to you in blessings and protection.

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Cancer horoscope

Today the Moon begins its journey through Taurus, a sign associated with pleasures and the good life, which sends good vibrations to your heart and romantic relationships, as it brings you harmony by increasing the level of understanding between you and respecting your feelings and emotions. .

However, this vibration also reaches family relationships. So, get ready to receive a visit from relatives whom you have not seen for a long time. Indulge them, and while they’re toasting their reunion, suggest meeting up more often to strengthen the relationship.

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Leo Horoscope

Today, the Moon in Taurus may upset you a bit and make you even more irritable because it is an element that has nothing to do with you. Everything that happens around you can disturb you whether they are talking to you or not.

Try to control yourself, consider that you are starting a month, so it is better to go through everything, do not fill yourself with dense energies. This is not the day to take stock of your relationships, as jealousy and mistrust dominate you. Here I suggest how to identify who has given you the evil eye with this simple ritual.

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Virgo Horoscope

Several planets transit your sign today, and the good vibes of the Moon in Taurus are added to this strong energy. Such an event benefits you by giving you a great and unbeatable day to send good greetings and renew your communication with important and influential people.

Congratulate and thank your superiors who once gave you favors and help. All this movement will help expand your business, administrative and cultural activities for October, remind them that you will always accept their sound professional advice.

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Libra horoscope

Today the Moon begins its path through Taurus and is responsible for awakening one of your greatest weaknesses. Because it activates the most sensitive part of your personality, where you hide your fear, and even if others don’t realize it and don’t see you as confident, you know they are inside you.

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If you allow yourself to be dominated by emotions, you may feel the fear of losing what you have achieved, whether financially or in terms of prestige and power, increase. However, if you keep yourself in check, you can mentally review your recent achievements so that you start the month feeling very satisfied.

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Scorpio horoscope

Today you start the month of October more sensitive than usual with the Moon in Taurus, which makes you very dependent on others and activates your personal relationships area. Especially with everything that happens with your emotional relationships, because of the treatment you give them or the treatment you receive.

Both gestures and words become very important, causing disagreements, misunderstandings and mood swings with your partner or friends. It is important that you try to stay calm inside and wear the mantle of calmness to start this cycle well. Monthly.

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Today, I recommend starting the month of October with special attention, because when the Moon transits Taurus, it can cause doubts and confusion when you organize your work plans for this month. Do not communicate with anyone during this time, put your cell phone away, this way you can avoid problems.

Keep calm as you may misjudge certain projects and mis-analyze what to prioritize. The same can be true of co-workers or co-workers you choose to accompany you on your projects.

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The Moon reflects your emotional world as it passes through the sign of Taurus, connecting its energies with the energies of the universe to create renewals in your relationships and feelings. It will be very favorable in your horoscope as it gives you well-being and stability, qualities of the above sign.

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As the hours go by, you will start to feel your energy increase significantly. In addition, you will have enough mental and emotional clarity to have a good time and thus, with a lot of diplomacy and empathy, resolve the conflicts of recent days.

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Aquarius horoscope

Today the universe is putting a lot of energy into Taurus, which directly affects your feelings, emotional tendencies, and your mood.

Especially if you were born in the first days of your zodiac sign, according to your horoscope, you may be a little saddened by the arrival of memories from your childhood and some longing for loved ones who are no longer here.

All of this adds to your constant fear of saying goodbye to those closest to you, so I suggest you call upon your guardian angel for help and protection.

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Pisces people

All the lunar energies in Taurus today are very beneficial for your sign as they are compatible. In addition to your big heart and greater compassion for others, the aforementioned influence adds greater understanding and patience, thus strengthening relationships with the close people you interact with daily.

This will create a special bubble of energy around you that will attract more people to you so that you can help them with your advice; Especially, on the emotional level. You will increase your contacts on social networks to get your advice.

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