Aresley Arambula: 3 photos in her niece’s swimsuit show she inherited her beauty

Arasli Aramula She is one of the most prominent actresses on television in our country as she has won the affection of all viewers by participating in various soap operas and serials. In addition, she is known as the ex-wife of Luis Miguel, with whom she had two children. At the age of 47, she is one of the most beautiful women and the confirmation of the beauty of the family is her young daughter-in-law, Abigail Arambula She confirmed that she inherited her aunt’s traits.

For five years, Arasli Aramula She was in a relationship with Luis Miguel, with whom she had two children, till date, they are still minors. However, things are not going well with the Son of Mexico, because apparently the economic pension has not passed him, and the actress is ready to sue him for a millionaire who covers all the years that he did not have a pension. Support.

Aresli Arambula and her daughter-in-law. @abigailarambulam via Instagram

Arasli Aramula Has acted in a hit on television and it is a reversal of ‘La Madrastra’ where she is the main heroine and grabs everyone’s eyeballs with her beauty. But the 47-year-old actress has a daughter-in-law, who is beautiful, which the young lady confirmed on her own social networks.

Abigail Arambula inherited her aunt’s beauty. @abigailarambulam via Instagram

Although not so popular Aresley, Abigail Arambula She is an actress and has around four thousand followers on her Instagram account. The young woman studies acting at the CEA de Televisa, making her way little by little. In addition, she does not miss the opportunity to show off her incredible figure, expressing her love for physical activity and makeup.

From the sea, Aresli Arambula’s daughter-in-law took all eyes. @abigailarambulam via Instagram

Abigail Arambula She caught all eyes in front of the mirror showing off her legs whether in a tight swimsuit or from the beach. It was Arasli Aramula He expressed his opinion about his daughter-in-law: “I am very emotional, here is my beautiful little girl who remembers all my dreams and hopes.”

Abigail Arambula is a young actress. @abigailarambulam via Instagram

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