To Sergio Jorge Yahra Placencia for using the background at the Heat Awards: “You’re not Celine Dion”

Yahra placenta More than one was surprised to learn that he used the background when he first sang Premios Heat 2021.

This fact was revealed when the two made a link on social networks, where there was evidence that Sauce Boat did not sing directly during his presentation at the ceremony. For this reason, the singer was questioned; However, she had no problem recognizing it.

“Everyone says ‘why don’t you sing live’ because I felt it (…) When it comes to awards, all artists use background, and I wanted to focus more on the show”, He said during a conversation Sergio Jorge.

Likewise, after hearing these words, the music producer defended her, remembering that she did not have a voice comparable to other people like Celine Dion. “You sell the show, dance”, He was convicted.

Yahra Placencia is grateful after passing the 2021 Heat Awards

Through their social networks, Yahra Placencia would like to thank you for your support after the experience at the Heat Awards.

I wanted to stop to thank all the people for their love and support, for the news that has made me so happy”, He revealed through his Instagram stories.

“Especially all my yaholovers who are always with me support me unconditionally. Thank you for all the love and affection you always give me. I love them so much,” Sass Boat said.

Yahra placenta

Yahra Plasencia went with her mother to be vaccinated for COVID-19

Translator of “You La La”, Yahra Placenta went on to be vaccinated with her mother Against COVID-19. He also decided to record that important moment and share it with his followers.

“(My) mom is going to be vaccinated, well. He doesn’t want to be vaccinated, he’s scared. “He wrote in his Instagram stories.

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