The Electricity Union announced that “demand is soaring very high”, so more blackouts are coming

the state Electricity Union Declared it Cuba There will be new Blackouts Across the island due to “demand increasing above what was expected for the day”.

In a brief note published in his book official site On Monday, the entity confirmed that The Overconsumption Caused the electrical service to be affected from 8:00 am In different regions of the country.

“Given the impending transit of Tropical Storm Elsa, the impact on the service appears to be adverse,” the official memo acknowledged, but insisted that “the demand for electricity is outstripping the generation capacity.”

So the Electricity Union announced, The cuts will be made using the rotation of five quenchable blocks, so that “the maximum impact does not exceed four hours per consumer in all governorates.”

But since “scheduled outages” were organized in the various Cuban provinces in June, which responds to the need to separate the generating blocks for repairs and maintenance, according to the authorities, Many Cubans reported outages of more than four, five, and six hours.

According to the company, The persistence of defects in some thermal power plants and work is underway to restore this service “in the shortest possible time”.He called on Cubans to “promote the rational use of electricity in homes.”

Although the Electricity Union memorandum did not refer to it on previous occasions Its directors mentioned restrictions on power generation in Cuba due to fuel supply problems.

The Antonio Guitras Thermal Power Plant, the largest in the West, exited from the national electricity system afterwards suffered a serious breakdown on June 28While it was being repaired, according to its managers.

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Cubans complain of power cuts With the hashtag #reportoapagón on Twitter. The power outage is almost back to the gates of summer For repairs at the António Guitras and Felton Thermal Power Plants, in Matanzas and Holguín, respectively, as well as “difficulties in other plant blocks, among them 10 de Octubre (Nuevitas), Renté (Santiago de Cuba) and Mariel (Artemisa)”, the newspaper reported. official Escambrae.

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