To his friend’s dead mother

Olga Carmona celebrates her goal after Spain won the World Cup against England. (AP Photo/Steve Markham)

Olga Carmona has a guaranteed place in world football history. With his score, he capped a spectacular performance that saw Spain clinch the Australia-New Zealand 2023 World Cup title. But the goal was not only emotional because of what it meant on a sporting level, but also because of the commitment behind it. After the hit, Carmona showed off a shirt with the word “Merchi” on it.

In an interview after the match, for FIFA, Carmona explained the context of his celebration. “First, I want to tell you that this win goes to the mother of one of my best friends who passed away recently.. I celebrated the goal with his shirt on. From here he dedicates it to his whole family with his love,” said the defender of the captain of the Iberian team.

In honor of their rival, Carmona admitted that England had a better team, but they knew their football could beat them and come out on top, eventually crowning them world champions. For the first time at the women’s level Gesture acted as a moving and unifying sensation. It’s not just a sporting achievement, but a testament to the bonds that football can create.

Carmona, 23 years old and playing for Real Madrid, started his professional career at Sevilla at the age of 17. Its development has since become more certain, until it reaches the point where it has become a complete allusion and mystery: He scored the key goal in the final and semi-finals as La Roja knocked Sweden out of the competition. (One minute after the Swedes scored). Carmona’s power in left field has been a constant offensive force for Spain.

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His passion was always football and he grew up in a family where everything revolved around the ball. This is what his mother Olga Carmona said in an interview Day by day. “My daughter is always very good, even when she plays with boys, you can’t tell the difference, whether it’s a boy or a girl, it takes hours and a lot of effort, and that’s what my daughter does. Done,” she explained.

Carmona is pursuing an advanced degree in physical activity and sports science and has two more courses to complete all of her credits. At the moment his career is in full swing and, of course, even if he has reached such a unique point as the World Cup, the best is yet to come: he has everything in front of him and he is only 23 years old. After receiving this title, it will become a historical reference and it will mark the recognition of glories in the future, as well as continue to build a powerful path with Real Madrid.

Today is a time to celebrate and deserve it. Spain reigns in women’s world football with a generation of talent who have proved themselves right on both fronts, unswayed by political anger: in football, they spoke with their talent rather than stirring up tension and creating confusion and insecurity. , And the claims, as there were reasons to demand changes—today time has proved them right. With the World Cup in their hands, they are sure to have a place of honor that no one will forget for generations to come.

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