Tim Cook reveals one of Steve Jobs’ best innovation tricks

The Apple CEO spoke candidly about Steve Jobs and the company’s future in an interview with GQ.

Steve Jobs had the charismatic power of eloquence and excellent communication skills

Tim Cook recently sat down to chat in a magazine interview GQ And left some statements but very interesting. He devoted himself only to talk about Apple and The future of the companyBut also about you Relationship with Steve Jobs and his own view of how he should have taken control of the company’s management.

We stress, this is a very interesting interview. in her Tim Cook revealed to the world one of Steve Jobs’ greatest tricks That’s one of the things I love about him. Read on because you’ll enjoy Apple’s current CEO’s reflection as much (or more) than we did.

Tim Cook: A completely different vision under the same direction as Steve Jobs

Good old Tim Cook first hand experience All the pressures that come with running a company the size of Apple. Steve Jobs gave him the cane because he knew he would get the job done, but in no way did he expect Tim Cook to become a watered-down version of himself.

“I knew he couldn’t be Steve (when I became CEO). In fact, I don’t think anyone could be Steve. He’s once in a hundred years, original in any way. A figment of the imagination. And all I have to do is be the best version of myself.” “

Tim Cook

Tim Cook in GQ magazine

He’s not wrong, Tim Cook knows Keep the essence of the apple A company will give its own exemplary touch. Today, thanks to Tim, Apple is characterized as a serious, professional company that cares about the environment and the privacy of its users, and it tries in every way to avoid controversy. Although that’s sometimes impossible in the case of Spotify and Apple Music.

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Unfortunately for many Apple fans, Tim Cook took Apple down a different path than Steve Jobs chose. This led many to think that the Apple co-founder was absent An immeasurable lack of technological innovation.

Steve Jobs

A young Steve Jobs had all the keys to managing a tech company

This is what Tim Cook said Deeply appreciated How Steve Jobs was able to get innovation from his employees.

“One of the things I loved most about him was that he didn’t expect innovation from one group in the company or creativity from one team. He expected innovation from all parts of the company.”

Then, before Steve Jobs died, Tim Cook held the position Director of Operations and was responsible for managing the company’s international sales and other marketing activities.

“When we ran operations, we tried to be innovative in operations, creative in operations, and everywhere we were creative. Basically we had to be ready to build the products that we were designing.”

Some people think Jony Ive is the only person capable of replacing Steve Jobs at the level of innovation and marketing, but he left Apple a few years ago to focus on his own projects.

We don’t know What would have happened if Steve Jobs had still been in office today?. Will there be more innovation? Will the iPhone design be completely different? What does Apple’s image look like today? Will the iPad be so successful in sales? While we don’t have the answers to these questions, we do know that under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple has become the first company valued at $3 trillion, an achievement of undeniable merit.

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