“WhatsApp tries to hide chats of blocked contacts and search them with secret number” | Daily list

WhatsApp is developing a feature for terminals with the Android platform that allows you to hide chats from blocked contacts and consult them again by entering a previously secret number or PIN.

Currently, The messaging platform allows you to block contacts from the Settings section that is displayed when the three-dot menu is displayed. Located in the upper right corner of the interface. Then, you can review the Privacy tab with the Blocked Contacts button.

As the company explains on its website, once the contact report option is checked, you can block another user from your own chat, where it remembers that once a contact is blocked, they won’t be able to call or send messages. Who banned it?

On this page, WhatsApp reminds us that “blocking someone does not remove them from the phone’s contact list or contact book,” but requires access to delete them permanently.

As verified by WABetaInfo in the latest beta version of the service for Android, the messaging platform now works to erase traces of these users without going through this process.

According to a screenshot shared by this channel, the platform will offer a new option where users can hide their blocked chats more effectively. “Blocked contacts will not appear in your chat list. To view them, enter your secret code in the search bar of the Chats tab mentioned in this section.

This feature to hide chats is currently under development and will come to Android terminals in a future update of the app. Currently, it is not known whether it will be implemented on iOS terminals as well.

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