TikTok: They reveal “over 10 thousand pesos” income from Costco cake resellers | News from Mexico

Hermosillo, Sonora. – In the last hours, an account shared how much the person buying the cakes earns Costco and resells them. It’s the portal’N+ averageHe was in charge of estimating what a person could earn thanks to these cakes.

An expression about Costco cake resellers profit A user shared information about this business which caused a stir on social media TikTok. According to ‘N+ media’ website, it is estimated how much an entrepreneur can earn by selling cakes in a popular wholesale shop.

cake’Matilda‘, which has a cost 306 Mexican pesosCan be divided into 10 pieces, which sell for 50 cents each. That means a profit of 194 Mexican pesos for each cake sold.. If a reseller sells 5 ‘Matilda’ cakes, he will make a profit of 970 pesos.

According to the site mentioned, “A net income of 900 pesos will be earned each day by selling the five cakes allowed by the shop to each partner.Judging by this data, resellers can earn up to 3600 pesos per week. Equivalent to about 14 thousand 400 paise per month. In one year, this translates into a profit of over 172,800 pesos.

So far, the record of these events It has accumulated more than 10 million views on TikTok, creating a wave of ideas. Some users express their surprise at the business opportunity, while others question the ethics of sharing these profit secrets.

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