Shohei Ohtani wants to continue working as a pitcher and BD in the future

ANAHEIM — Agent Shohei Ohtani The Los Angeles Angels superstar indicated that he is determined to continue as a pitcher and hitter as he recovers from his recent elbow injury.

Ness Paleo said Monday that he believes it is “inevitable” that Ohtani’s torn ligament in his elbow will require some type of procedure to heal, but that they are still seeking opinions on whether Tommy John surgery should be the solution. surgery. Paleo pointed out that there was a tear in another part of the ligament, which was surgically repaired in late 2018, and that it was still strong.

“I have no doubt that he will come back and continue in both positions, as he has done in recent years,” Paleo said.

Paleo said Ohtani will play as a designated hitter for the foreseeable future, though he acknowledged that their plans could change soon if they decide surgery is best before the 2024 season. Rehabilitate before striking again.

“What I do know: No matter what date we face and when, Shohei is going to be in the lineup as a designated hitter,” Paleo said. “We know.”

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the Angels pulled Ohtani an hour before kickoff against Baltimore on Monday and an hour after Paleo’s comments. The team cited a strain in the player’s right oblique muscle. Ohtani has missed just two games this season.

“If you continue to collect information that we believe is relevant to our future…if there is any impact on that, we will make a decision,” Paleo added.

Ohtani is set to become a free agent this winter and could get a big contract regardless of injury. Paleo has repeatedly noted that Ohtani is in good spirits and hopes to bounce back as a hitter and pitcher.

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