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Leading international media responded on Tuesday, January 18th To the announcement of the Government of Guatemala that it has signed in the United States. A campaign contract paid by Taiwan.

Negotiated with Ballard Partners Last Thursday January 13 US $ 900 thousand worth – about Q7 million- The Taiwanese government must pay.

According to the Guatemalan government, the lobby is looking “Promote Guatemala’s interests in the United States. Especially in matters such as strategic communication, investment attraction, economy, tourism and improving the country’s position to promote the products of small manufacturers ”.

No official information was reported Funds from the Taiwanese government were used to hire the American company.

The agreement was signed between the government of Guatemala And Brian Ballard, representing the aforementioned company.

Ballard’s image echoes in the campaign world and some local media outlets even point out that character speaks. “Florida major donors open their wallets.”

“This is not Ballard’s decision.”

According to a post Politician, The company assures that this is not Ballard’s decision That The project will be funded by Taiwan There is nothing that is not allowed.

Politician Guatemala is part of the northern triangle of the Biden government Has sought to take serious action against corruption. It also highlights the fact that the agreement came at a time when neighboring El Salvador and most recently Nicaragua recognized Beijing as the legitimate government of China.

Highlighted the store’s ballard One of Donald Trump’s fundraisers and former campaigner And other American politicians

“Unusual move”

Newspaper Mountain Meanwhile, the agreement signed by Guatemalan Ambassador to the United States Alfonso Quinones was highlighted. “It’s not an illegal act, but it’s extraordinary.”

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He noted that the United States had signed an agreement to support Guatemala’s economy And combat corruption as the root cause of irregular migration.

Mountain Ballard also recalls being a “powerful campaigner, its signature.” Was the fifth highest-earning lobby group in 2020.

“Mortgage Benefit”

News agency Associated Press (AP) Quotes John O, pSpokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan It explains that the agreement was based on the principle of “assistance and mutual benefit” to enhance the diplomacy of the two countries and based on the needs of the island’s friendly governments.

Oyum said AP That deal In accordance with US law, It was supported by the Guatemalan government.

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However, citing agency Robert Kelner, the lawyer, who specializes in campaign law, believes such deals are not illegal. “It is unusual for one government to pay a lobbying fee to another.”

AP He also recalled that in the past Taiwan had made many donations to Guatemala, such as buses or farm equipment. But could not compete with China. It considers Taiwan a secessionist territory and has worked aggressively to isolate it on the world stage. “

More media

Taipei News, Pennsylvania News Today, Nasdaq, The Week, CNBC Y The Voice of America They also mentioned the agreement signed between the countries.

“Ballard will manage the account with two associates who have contacts in the Republican Party: Jose Diaz, former Florida State Representative, who is the executive director of Ballard’s Miami office, and Sify, Who was an adviser to former Florida Governor Jeff Bush And headed the White House Leadership Planning Commission during the Trump administration. The third ally representing Guatemala, John O’Hanlon, is a senior Democrat. ” Voice of America, Quoting AP

Meanwhile, Ballard said he would deliver “Security Services and Strategic Advice” According to the media, the relationship between Guatemala and the US government and officials is related.

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The media also highlights Conflicts between the Guatemalan government And the United States, like the recent State Department criticism of President Alejandro Chiamate for “attempting to revoke the immunity of a judge recognized in Washington for exposing bribery cases in Guatemala.”

Due to its Anglo-Saxon origins, lobbying, also known as lobbying, refers to the planned communication process of information content, primarily within the framework of public relations, organization, pressure group, or organization with public powers. Or legal action; in a project or application) or to promote something new “, as defined by Mexico’s Legislative Information System.

Russian media outlet Sputnik:

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