Thousands of Mexicans will march this Sunday to defend democracy

INE has challenged Election Plan B (Archive).

It was recently approved in Mexico Reform of secondary election laws, Better known as Project B. Actions promoted by the executive branch have been divisive among citizens because of their potential implications Mexican Democracy.

For this reason, various groups have called on citizens this February 26 for the defense of the Mexican system responsible for “strengthening democracy and guaranteeing the exercise of political rights.” National Electoral Institute (INE).

The march was initially promoted by the industrialist Claudio X Gonzalez, Also approved by Civil organizations and political parties opposed to the current President’s government Mexican, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

Also known as My vote was not touched one”Pink Parade”, the purpose of the demonstration was to mobilize citizens in the streets to show their dissent on the recent vote in the full session of the Senate.

However, this objection may be raised a second time for the same purpose which does not stop the sanctioning of the election scheme advanced by the Executive.

Today’s demonstration arises out of public concern, as various figures – chief among them still INE, Lorenzo Cordova – Others have accused these amendments of being an attack on democracy within their framework 2024 Presidential Election.

American media like The New York Times. Indeed recently, and in the pen of the reporter Natalie Kittroff, alleged that the reform would limit the INE’s operational capacity, reduce its staffing and autonomy. He also alleged that the ability to allow candidates who violate election laws will be limited.

The Pink Parade will act in Mexico City; However, its makers have at least highlighted the others 82 cities in the country And abroad will also participate in the call. Various Mexican public figures are expected to participate in the event, such as retired Minister of the Courts Beatriz Pages Reboller. Jose Ramon Casio Diaz and former Chancellor National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)Jose Naro Robles.

The march on February 26 will be the second against AMLO’s Plan B. (darkroom)

It is important to note that the promoters indicated that the demonstration in defense of INE was of a civil nature. However, various public officials, members of the National Action Parties, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) were among the main callers of the “Pink March”. Leaders like Alejandro Moreno, Jesús Zambrano, Marko Córtes, et al.

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This Sunday, February 26, the congregation is expected to have a substantial turnout, as was the case last time November 13, 2022, When thousands of citizens demonstrated against electoral reforms at the constitutional level.

PRD calls on citizens to participate in march to defend INE on February 26 (Twitter/@PRDMexico)

It is to be noted that various protests have been going on for the same reason since a few days ago. For example, on February 25, the former governor of Michoacán, who belonged to the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), took to the streets of the city in an improvised “mobilization” in defense of the INE.

With banners bearing legend March-Caravan in Defense of Democracy, to advertise their participation in the next Pink Parade, the marchers went to the Monument to the Revolution. This will be the second small mobilization staged by the PRD, following a few days ago, another group of sympathizers and fighters. Palace of Fine Arts.

The pink group can also find another protest held on the same day that belongs to the fathers and mothers of Ayodhya. 101 months of enforced disappearance 43 among laymen.

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