The case between the “family” by the 56th vote of the legislature

The DSE acknowledges that the NSI has 46 pure delegates, 10 in coalition, 9 of whom were nominated by them, and one nominated by Ghana, which is similar to the Cabanas sector.

Sub 56, which represents a competent majority in the legislature, has created a political case between the two friendly political parties, New Ideas and the Grand Alliance for National Unity (Ghana).

Dora Esmeralda Barhona, chief justice of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (DSE), wrote on her Twitter account on Friday night that the New Ideas Party had 55 delegates and a day later 56.

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The truth is that the DSE recognizes that the NII has 46 pure delegates, 10 of whom are in coalition, 9 of which were proposed by the NII and one Ghanaian party, which is similar to the Cabanas sector.

Ghana appreciates it for what they proposed. The truth, however, is that both parties are allies and form 61 votes for a qualified majority.

What do DSE judges say?

“In an alliance with Ghana they get more than 55, more than 6 Ghana, where they get a deserving majority, but the NI has only a simple majority, which agrees with the hypotheses raised,” said Magistrate Julio Olivo. He added, “One thing is, how much N alone got, how much GANA got alone, how much N and GANA got in the alliance and in every field.”

What do the Ghanaian delegates say?

Romeo Aurbach, the deputy elected by La Libert, wrote on his Twitter account yesterday, “Here Walter Arazo makes it very clear that 46 delegates are from NI and 5 are from Ghana; And in the NI + GANA alliance, 9 are affiliated with NI, and one is affiliated with GANA, and the President said I have no problem with this NI + GANA = 61 and I will be next for my part President ”.

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Aurbach wrote, “Here are the names of the 6 Ghanaian delegates,” referring to Juan Carlos Mendoza, vice president of Santa Ana; Guillermo Gallicos for San Salvador, Adelmo Rivas for Sunsonate, Amalcar Ayala for Cabanas, Romeo Aurbach, Libertad and Numan Salcado for San Miguel.

On March 5, Juan Carlos Mendoza, vice president elected by Santa Ana, said in a video circulating on the networks: “They let me know that the study on the Cabanas table has just been completed, which leaves us as a Vince party with a vice. We maintain it in practice because the party has a representative, and we maintain it. “

He said he left Amalkar Ayala as the Vice President in Kabanas by a margin of 1,115 votes more than the third candidate of the new Ideas Alliance with Ghana.

Congressman Mendoza said New Ideas’ third candidate did not score enough to win a seat.

The legislator confirmed that there were 46,000 votes in the coalition and that the struggle was to determine the candidate with the highest priority marks.

“Obviously when one enters Ghana, one of the new ideas is left,” he said.

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