This tool identifies spy phones with Pegasus

With the expression of Spying on the phones of journalists and executives As part of the NSO team, many are wondering how to find out if their phone has been tapped. All of them, researchers International amnesty They launched a tool that can tell you if there are traces of spyware pegasus on a phone.

Called the tool Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) and scans Android or iOS devices for footprints left by Pegasus Smartphones They have intervened. The tool is open source, which is available on GitHub, which means that you can check the record on the phone and see if Pegasus has passed.

Once the scanning process is complete, the software integrates with a public apology server to compare with the previous database. Among other data, they search for text messages, IP addresses and even Pegasus processes from those sent by the NSO Group disguised as computer processes.

While MVT runs on both operating systems, the investigation revealed that Pegasus is frequently found on Apple brand phones, according to Amnesty International. However, this does not mean anything about the security of operating systems; In other words, that doesn’t mean iOS is more (or less) more secure than Android.

For now, MVD does not have a graphical interface that works with a command system, but can be downloaded and used by anyone. Furthermore, Amnesty International decides that phone and operating system manufacturers should take steps to further audit their devices “but without sacrificing existing security or privacy protections.”

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