“This Mbappé is not my Mbappé, they confused him”

The head of Real Madrid assured that Mbabane had not betrayed him and defined it as a political and economic pressure.

Florentino PerezChairman The real MadridRevealed everything that happened in the talks with Kylian MbabaneFifteen days before making a decision and choosing his continuation PSG He changed his behavior, saying “pressure affected him” and made it clear that “no player is above the club”.

“He did not betray me. Embape He told everyone about his desire to star in the film The real Madrid, He said it was his dream. We wanted to do that in August, and they wouldn’t let him. They did not accept the offer and did not want to sell. He announced to the club that he wanted to leave, but had to wait a year, saying that his dream would always come true, but a fortnight ago he changed the situation due to political and economic pressure. He had a block and came out on the easy side, ”he said Look at the beach.

Florentino Perez And General Manager Jose Angel Sanchez were in constant contact Embape, But noticed a dubious change in his attitude. “He said he wanted to come. We saw what he changed.”

“One important detail is that he does not want to do sponsorship with his teammates. Football is a collective sport, everyone is equal, no one is different. They offered him to be the team captain and manager. At the club, I saw that it was not. Embape What I wanted to bring was to change the dream “, he acknowledged.

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“He’s too young, the pressure is too much on him. The president called him not to leave. It’s not normal. It makes no sense because there are too many clubs. He wants to make progress. Zidane and Benzema have done it. The real Madrid They are big enough to make the president proud. The mayor called him and they gave him crazy stuff in Qatar. That is what stopped him and hurt him so much, “he added.

Recent proposals PSG Changed the decision EmbapeAccording to Florentino Perez, Who discovered things he did not like about the player. “In The real Madrid There is no one above the club. He’s a great football player, but football is a team sport, and we have some values ​​and principles that we do not want to change.

“I loved him, he tried, but the stress changed circumstances. At 23, it was not easy to get the peace of mind he needed, his mother wanted him to come. The real Madrid Because it was his childhood dream. They have confessed. She was sad, everything was on track, and they tell us that circumstances have changed. He made another decision and you have to respect it. He did not come because he did not want to, ” he said.

One important thing that was pending was the lack of a clause that would allow it The real Madrid Receive a sum of money as a penalty for changing the mind of a French striker.

“It can’t be,” he said Florentino Perez. “There is a rule, you have to go to the club to let them know that you are negotiating with another club. The real Madrid. Waiting for the season to end is normal. It would have been an extra stress and not harmful Embape That was not done, “he clarified.

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“The Madridists are a little disappointed, but The Embape Coming is not the end, if so, it’s good to be there PSG. The one I met was a dreamer. Now I could not dream of seeing him in white Embape It’s not mine Embape. You are confused. I want him to be the best there is and I have nothing against him. I believed in the dream but there was no player throughout history The real Madrid Has been above the club. We will not make any exceptions, ”he said.

Rejected the top leader of The real Madrid Negotiate with Embape It didn’t hurt not to fight for what came Earling Holland. “This has nothing to do with this. We have the best center forward in the world.

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