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Andrina Bravo It is constantly making headlines in the media. A few weeks ago I returned from the Dominican Republic Recognition for the high digital vote received on the Heat Awards platform, With his single video shoulder. Now, after revealing his dreams of internationalization to his fans, the translator Medicine The Colombian star has caught Shakira’s attention.

Even the winner of the first season of a reality show The power of love (Equivisa) Appearing on the stories of Baranquila’s Instagram account, he added a clip of a rehearsal in Guayaquil with the dance of the song in his posts. Congratulations.

Bravo presented yesterday at a dance competition called CT television At a dance party she danced to the Colombian’s famous theme, which has gone viral since it was revealed by the betrayal of her teammate Pique’s betrayal.

Andrina Bravo at the Heat Awards: “For me, internationalizing my music is very important”

The story that Shakira posted on her account was shared three hours ago. In it, the Ecuadorian woman watches the rehearsal before intervening I myself am the best. (YO)

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