This is what astronauts will have for dinner in space on New Year’s Eve

The Russians on the International Space Station shared the menu they’ll enjoy the night of December 31st in space

Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS) will dine on New Year’s Eve with caviar, white sturgeon and prawns, as it could not be otherwise on this date, the inevitable Russian salad.

“Our table will be very simple: beluga, shrimp, caviar. All this, of course, in small quantities and canned, but there will be,” cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev said in a video message released by the Russian space agency Roskosmos on Friday. .

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He added that the main course would be the Russian salad, for which they had specially reserved a small bag of mayonnaise.

His partner Dmitry Petlin noted that the Russian crew, which complements Anna Kikina, will spend three holidays, from December 31 to January 2 inclusive.

Reference photos of caviar, beluga and shrimp (prawn). Images/Shutterstock

However, Prokopiev explained that work aboard the ISS does not stop even on holidays, when guard duties must be fulfilled.

In turn, Kekina expressed her hope that there would be an exchange of gifts with members of the crew of the American sector of the International Space Station on the occasion of the New Year, as is customary in Russia.

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“Astronauts and cosmonauts give each other gifts on birthdays. We’ll see what happens on New Year’s birthday. It will be the first time for us. I think there will be gifts,” said the sixth Russian woman to fly on an airplane. in the space.

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