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Have you been cheated out of love? We can all be victims of a scam and there are those who become so because of the illusion of having love. just like you It happened to a 65-year-old Japanese woman who was tricked by a man pretending to be an astronaut and asked her for $30,000 (more than 596,466 Mexican pesos) so she could return to Earth and marry. to her.

It was through the middle NEWSWEEK s Telemundo As this controversial issue was revealed, which seemed hard to believe.

planet earth. (stock struggle)

According to the aforementioned media, the man who demonstrated Being an astronaut, he contacted the woman, from Higashiomi, via Instagram, assuming he was “stuck” in space.

It was in June of this year when they started writing. Since then, the man has psychologically worked with the victim in this case. take care of that She believed that he worked on the International Space Station and that he was in love.

NASA astronaut asks to conserve Earth.  |  Pixabay
NASA astronaut asks to conserve Earth. | Pixabay

The lies escalated until he came forward and told her lies trapped in space, so he demanded money from her so he could return.

Between August and September, the woman sent five payments Finally, they added $30,000. He said he would use that money to land.

But the situation did not end there, as the man kept asking for money until the woman hesitated and summoned the authorities. So far it is not known who is behind the scam, what is certain is this matter Gave a lot to talk aboutaroused indignation and vigilance so that no one else would fall into fraud in the name of love.

pirate image.  (Reuters)
pirate image. (Reuters)


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