This is the song they will sing at his funeral

After 30 days Admitted to hospital, Some people who know about Health From the singer Vicente Fernandez. Recently a video started to spread Social Websites The icon of the regional Mexican genre clearly states what song they want to sing when he dies.

Photo: Quartoscro, Archive.

The video was filmed at a presentation next to his son Alejandro Fernandez, where, before performing the Wolverine, Wolverine song, Vicente Fernandez said:

This song is so special to me. On the day they bury me, everyone is going to sing it on TV or anywhere.

And while he promised at the time that it would be many more years, the truth is that his health is making his fans anxious. This is despite the fact that the translator retired from the stage a few years ago.

Vicente Fernandez was hospitalized for a month after undergoing a bronchial surgery. However, his family issued a statement on September 6 regarding his health. The general report states:

On behalf of the Fernandez family and their physicians, Mr. Thanks for constantly monitoring Vicente Fern├índez’s health. Today, September 6, 2021, 30 day hospital stay. In general, he was consistent with a steady evolution, mainly in relation to his neurological status and mobility. Currently, he is continuing in the intensive care unit under intensive medical supervision.

His doctors fed him through the tube because of the procedure he had to do. Although his health is worrying, he is stable.

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