CABEI will fund the El Tornilitto Dam

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Chairman of Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), Dante Mossi, The company announced that it will fund the hydropower project Screw, On Villanueva, Cortes.

I would like to announce that we are very close to raising funds for the most important private investment, the Elijah Tornilitto Dam will dam off the Ula River and help alleviate flooding in the Sula Valley.Said the head of the regional banking system.

Is investment in the project $ 600 million. The Ullah is one of the largest rivers in the country and flows through the northern part Sula Valley, Will be a tributary of the dam.

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November tropical storms Ada Oyoda, They whip Honduras, Especially in the north, where municipalities Cortes, some from Santa Barbara and Yorro They were affected by the flood, and its destruction is still disgraceful today.

The waters of Ulya and Somelegan destroyed hundreds of kilometers of farmland and communities and structures in the area. The tragedy continues, despite attempts by the government to build retaining walls across rivers, with experts and the government itself pointing their finger at the dam issue.

These constructions will not only be used as generators of electric power, but will also help retain water in rivers along the route from western Honduras in the mountains to mitigate flooding.

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The El Tornilitto project is being carried out in the El Perico sector between the municipalities of Villanueva and San Antonio de Cortez.

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They have not forgotten the ENEE

Mossi referred to the power sector. “Don’t feel abandoned“For CABEI, they consistently support the right principles.” “It simply came to our notice then National Electric Power Corporation (ENEE).

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“We support the recovery plan ENEE, By division of the company. The reform program is ambitious; This is the last step in recovering the power company.

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