Punishment centers will transfer former mayor Mushond to Mariona prison

Prison officials said the transfer of the former capital officer was approved by the Third Peace Court.

Former mayor of San Salvador Ernesto Mushond And former treasurer of the municipality Heriberto Portillo Linares They were transferred this afternoon to nine sections of La Esperanza Prison, also known as Mariona, the Directorate of Punishment Centers confirmed.

“We are making this transfer to the Marion Penalty Center better. At this time we are carrying out judicial instruction under strict security measures,” said Director Osiris Luna. Both defendants are being held in the custody of the Border Security Division of the police.

Prison officials said the relocation was approved by the Third Peace Court, which ordered a pre-trial detention earlier Monday.

Two former municipal officials are being prosecuted for misusing a tax withdrew from the Solid Waste Directorate of the capital mayor’s office and for breach of duty.

The attorney general’s office said the mayor’s office withheld income tax from employees at the aforementioned address between June and December 2020 and that it had not been paid to the finance ministry. The amount is 5 275,145.31, but with interest and penalties it reaches 50 550,290, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

Defendant Francisco Jos ரி Rivera Sagan ordered the detention proceedings, among them: appearing to sign in a court of law every 15 days, not to leave the country and be granted $ 5,000 bail.

After being sent to jail on this third trial against him, Muishond said he was going on a hunger strike.

“As of today, there is a growing awareness of what our country is experiencing, the separation of powers of the state, no more independence and division, we are subordinate to a lawyer office administrator, we have different institutions, the resources of the state, to harass, persecute and defame political opponents who think differently , Officials who use their positions to defame … “, said the former mayor, who left the initial investigation.

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