Great response from parents after DNA results

After a sensation made by a young woman on social media Madeleine McCannWho is a woman? Disappeared on May 3, 2007 while on family vacation in Portugal. The focus of the press was again on the moving case.

Indeed, because of the uncertainty created by the young woman’s assertions, in this new chapter the McCanns, DNA tests aren’t the only ones To make sure it’s really a girl.

however, The test indicated that Julia was 100% PolishA small percentage originated from Lithuania and Russia, according to the media Online radar. How did Madeleine McCann’s parents respond?

From May 3, 2007Madeleine’s parents searched tirelessly for their little girl. The couple quit their jobs to devote themselves 100% to solving a mystery that to date has more questions than answers.

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Where’s Madeline? What happened to the girl? Why did they take so long to react? Did anyone pick it up? Over the years the questions seem to get bigger and bigger; However, parental persistence remains the same.

However, this 2023, A young woman claims to be Madeleine and becomes world famous and shows physical “proof” that she is the lost woman.. The confusion reached the ears of the girl’s family who reacted to a glimmer of hope.

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The most anticipated DNA test

After the pledges, It was the same young woman who requested the DNA testBecause she was convinced that she was not the daughter of the woman who claimed to be her mother.

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The Makans replied by noting that A relative volunteered to do a relative test.

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Finally, Wendell underwent a DNA test that reported her origins and the results were conclusive: according to the test, Julia was 100% Polish, with a small percentage from Lithuania and Russia, according to the outlet. Online radar.

So there will be a girl, But Julia Faustina. This information was confirmed by private investigator Fia Johansen.

Response from parents Madeleine and Julia Faustina

Nothing to report at this time. If so, it will come from the Metropolitan Police

After the conclusion of the DNA test, the American newspaper New York Post, HeThe parents of the missing girl did not want to comment.

However, the aforementioned newspaper noted that it was in touch with one of the family’s legal representatives, who pointed out: “There is nothing to report at this time. If there is, it will come from the Metropolitan Police.”

For the inconvenience caused by this, Julia’s parents turned to the Polish media to apologize for the young woman’s attitude.

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“It’s obvious to us as a family, Julia is our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece and cousin. We have memories, we have photos,” they said.

And they added: “Julia has these photos because she took them from the family home with the birth certificate and numerous hospital discharges.”

Indeed, it seems Julia Faustina had already done this; However, not as many views as this year. On the other hand, the case was back on the agenda of officials in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

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