This is the most beautiful boy name in the world

Choosing a baby name is one of More difficult questions For future parents: whether short or long, old family stories, searching for more common or more original stories, different tastes, etc.

Professor at the University of Birmingham, Dr Bodo Winter He studied hundreds of names in England and the United States It concluded which boys’ and girls’ names sounded best in each country according to language theories.

In England’s case, Bodo chose that Zain and Sofia. Interestingly, they match ChatGPT in the female gender. The artificial intelligence also chose Sophia as the most beautiful name in the world. It is one of the most selected places in Spain, with 78,372 women named Sofia. It is the second most used in our country last year, after only Lucia.

In the United States, according to his study. Matthew and again, Sophia They will be the most beautiful names. Julian, William and Leo, in the case of males, also appear on the list. And Zoe and All Sophie are for the girls.

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