This is the missile that will be launched in March

For years, fans of the stars, planets, and aeronautics have dreamed of sending a rocket into space from their home. However, the difficulty, and the large amount of funding needed to do so, or the long times it took to build, meant that very few people succeeded. However, those who were born in Elche They will be happy to do so thanks to the company PDL spacebecause because of his great work hThey managed to develop a project of small reusable launchers for sending satellites into space.

The missile designed for the occasion is Miura 1 which is currently in the testing phase, and is preparing to integrate into its first release. Later in the next month February, static flight acceptance test will be conducted And if all goes well You will launch into spaceMarch, although the exact date has not yet been determined, as it will be announced a few days in advance. also, The broadcast can be followed live via broadcast To all interested.

Work with the future in mind

It is located at about a A project of great importance with eleven years of work behind him and with him 50 million euros In investment funds and general management. So if you succeed, The purpose is to make four trips a year from El Arenosillo (Huelva), a base of the National Institute of Space Technology (Inta), of the Department of Defense. The missile will reach 153 kilometers with a capacity of 100 kilograms of cargo and the payload recovery time will be four hours.

On the other hand, PDL Space has the extension Future mentality If everything works correctly in building the rocket “Miura 5” with what Will strive to double the sizeThat is, it will rise from 12.7 meters to 26 meters, and work will be done to support loads of 500 kilograms that enter commercial flights in full.

The plan is to launch “Miura 5” in 2025since they designed 70% of their technology, they have been developing the turbomachinery and are on the shortlist to be able to put it into orbit from the European Space Agency’s French Guiana base.

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