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action They regularly bring tails during New Year celebrations. His approach to asking for selfies has even generated reactions from other colleagues in the entertainment world. This time it’s the legend’s turn Very critical.

The Venezuelan-born singer-songwriter spoke to reporters upon his arrival in Mérida. There he would be part of a music festival in the state of Yucatán, and it was difficult when he was asked a question about what happened with “Bad Rapid.”

Singer of songs like “Llorarás” and “Detalles”.among others, He didn’t specifically mention the urban music singer, but he was clear when talking about humility As a basic foundation for maintaining a solid artistic career.

Venezuela will attend the Merida festival (Photo: AFP)

Oscar D’Leon offered advice to Bad Bunny after his controversial act

“An artist has no secrets to break, Be polite with the audience, Be considerate and honest at all timesHe said in an interview with EFE, before participating in Merida Fest. They consulted him about some inappropriate behavior of artists That shines today.

“An artist owes it to the public and the press, we can’t do anything without you On the other hand, you need to understand that your work, records and presentations are important for good behavior on the street and not making mistakes.The singer explained during his visit to the southern state of Yucatan.

The Salsa singer asserted that the artist should not inspire the public, “You shouldn’t get angry, or have weird movements when they ask you to sign an autograph or take a photo.”, As part of the 481 years since the founding of Mérida, he instructed the Venezuelans who came to the Yucatecan capital to give a concert.

Bad Bunny threw his cell phone into the ocean in a rage at a fan who was recording him.
Bad Bunny threw his cell phone into the ocean in a rage at a fan who was recording him.

ÓSCAR D’LeÓn’s plans for the future

Winner of Grammy, Golden Seagal and other awards in Latin AmericaHe elaborated He has many plans for this 2023But when it comes to the schedule, he confirmed that he is preparing in every way.

“I must prepare myself with enthusiasm to continue entertaining the public”, he emphasized. He emphasized that his work is done with love and emphasized to his band “It doesn’t look like anything else because we’re not a magazine, We play what the public asks us because we are always ready to entertain them with any song”, continued.

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