Is she not welcome? They have JLo grumpy and without a drop of makeup waiting for the gym to open

Jennifer Lopez was caught without a drop of makeup and was visibly furious A picture of her waiting for the gym to open quickly went viral on social media, sparking comments from netizens who commented on her physical appearance and attitude.

Via Suelta La Sopa’s Instagram account, the singer shared 3 photos of herself outside the gym in her clothes. A yellow top and a yellow snakeskin effect leggingTo complement her sporty outfit she chose a pair of white tennis shoes and gold glitter glasses, what caught the attention was that she had a hair donut on her wrist, for some it was part of her most modest moment, but what caught the most attention was her trying to avoid her irritation, but revealed by the lens.

Although he tried not to show his irritation, it was exposed Photo: Instagram

The interpreter of “Una más noche” decides to open the door and start his exercise, but he fails, as can be seen in the second picture. To distinguish the actress, she invested millions in treatments to be beautiful. As you can see in the third picture Embarrassed and desperate to start her routine.

The singer decided to knock on the door, but it failed Photo: Instagram

On networks, netizens assured her that she is naturally beautiful at the age of 53, with some comments reading: “A natural woman with a great look, It is very well preserved”, “Beautiful like nature! At least he spends his time training. A lot of people want to be like her at her age, but they don’t lift a finger”, “So beautiful without makeup, Transmits beauty And over the years it has become more elegant with any decoration”.

“Transmits beauty” is one of the comments read in the publication Photo: Instagram

Definitely Ben Affleck’s wife is one of the most loved celebrities around the worldAnything that hits the networks becomes a trend within minutes, as evidenced by the fact that her last shared photo has already garnered almost 700,000 likes.

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Ben Affleck’s wife is one of the most loved celebrities around the world Photo: Instagram

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